Monday, June 4, 2012

Topic 2: Politics: Reading First and NCLB

Topic 2: Politics: Reading First and NCLB; Common Core, Close Reading; State reading policies, 3rd-grade retention
Web page analysis

NRP Five Components of Reading Instruction

Yatvin, J. (2002). Babes in the woods: The wanderings of the National Reading Panel. (Located at

Reading First audit

Krashen website

Krashen, S. (2006). Did Reading First work? 

Edmondson, J. (2004). Reading policies: Ideologies and strategies for political
engagement. The Reading Teacher, 57(5), 418-428.

Fuller, B., Wright, J., Gesicki, K. & Kang, E. (2007). Gauging growth: How to judge No
Child Left Behind? Educational Researcher, 36(5), 268-278.

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