Monday, June 14, 2010

EDRD 750 Assignments

EDRD 750 Assignments

• Candidates will be required to read assigned texts and prepare eJournals to that reading before scheduled discussions of those topics in class. An e-journal should be emailed to the professor before each class session with the candidate’s response in the body of the email. Additional reading and responses may be required throughout the course.

• Candidates will identify a current issue in education that is misunderstood by the public and then draft a public commentary (750-1250 words) with hyperlinks to research/evidence to clarify the topic. See as examples:;;;;;;

• Candidates will be placed in groups. Each group will be asked to select and to evaluate a major research publication—a published book, a dissertation, several issues of a research-based journal, or some other publication approved by the professor. Each group will present on their evaluation in a 15-minute presentation; this presentation should be accompanied by appropriate technology support and adequate materials for the rest of the class.

• In a workshop setting, each candidate will draft an original essay to be submitted to a scholarly journal at the completion of the course. This assignment must include drafting during class meetings, self- and peer editing in workshop settings, sharing drafts with the professor, researching potential journals for submission, and submitting the work to the professor in the format required in that professional submission.

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